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"Social Media is our core competency and it often leads to other areas of opportunity where we see strong potential for our clients to develop new revenue streams. Imperial Publishing is the easiest, fastest and best choice for anyone interested in marketable web copy or proven ranking techniques. They do what they promise, and even more importantly, they tell you why and how they are doing it - so you can stack your own efforts on top of theirs to build the best results."

Lauren MacEwen, CEO -
Hosted VOIP

"Hosted VOIP is a site that requires a strong level of technical writing and expertise in the area of digital communications technology. Finding the right company to provide quality content for our site, marketing materials and ad creatives was essential. ImperialPublishing is exactly what we needed and we've been happy with our choice ever since."

J. Ness, President -
Free Listings

"I've had the pleasure of working with Stewart and his team for years, expanding and monetizing large scale ongoing ventures. ImperialPublishing provided important diagnostic information and actionable strategies for our launch during the earliest period of incubation because Stewart understands the vision of where we want to go, and is always willing to work enthusiastically to get us there."

Clement Picquet, CEO -